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Most anyone with an Internet account can publish their ideas on a global scale!

LASIK @ Home


Manhattan Airport Foundation

Computer Tan


Mothers Against Videogame Addiction and Violence

We Want Your Soul

RYT Hospital-Dwayne Medical Center
POP! First Human Male Pregnancy
Clyven: The World's First Transgenic Mouse with Human Intelligence

First Genetics

Floral Sculpture Clinic

Dihydrogen Mononxide Research Division

Buy Dehydrated Water

Voluntary Human Extinction Movement

The Dead Grandmother Syndrome and the Potential Downfall Of American Society

National Driver's License Records Bureau

Ova Prima Foundation


Save the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus

Republic of Molossia

New Invention Allows Humans to Live Forever

California's Velcro Crop under Challenge

A Concise Grammar of Feorran

McWhortle Enterprises (Investment Opportunity)

Shepperton University
Fake universities thrive on the web (BBC News)

Official Whitehouse Home Page
Whitehouse Spoof

Martin Luther King Jr. (Racist Site)
The King Center (established by Coretta Scott King)

Institute for Historical Review (IHR) (Holocaust Denial)
Anti-Defamation League article about IHR
Wikipedia article about IHR

Antiperspirants and Cancer (Breast Cancer: Risk Factors Rarely Mentioned [Annemarie Colbin, Ph.D.]) (Ed Friedlander, M.D.) (American Cancer Society) (U.S. National Cancer Institute)

Fluoridation (American Dental Association) (Citizens for Safe Drinking Water)

Alternative Parasite Zapper
Parasite Zapper

The Onion

Galary of Hoax Websites

School Essays and Reports are Available in Abundance and Often, for FREE

Cyber Essays
BigNerds Web Site
Essay World
Other People's Papers
Evil House of Cheat

Sites Related to Treatment of Psoriasis


Emu Oil for Psoriasis

Proven Natural Wonder - Australian Emu Oil

Emu Oil Can Help Treat Eczema & Psoriais

Information Sources

Government Supported

Questions and Answers about Psoriais

Medline Plus Health Information - Psoriasis

University Supported

Psoriasis Genetics Laboratory, University of Michigan

Lay Volunteer Self-Help

Psoriasis support and self help

Sites Related to Garlic and Cholesterol


Gourmet Garlic Gardens

Garlic Benefits & Odourless Supplements

Popular Periodicals/Newsletters/Books

Legalize It! -- Michael Castleman article (Mother Jones Magazine)

Garlic and 'bad' cholesterol (CNN.COM)

Garlic (A Modern Herbal by Mrs. M. Grieve)

Garlic: Case Unclosed (Nutrition Action Healthletter)

Advocacy Organizations

Garlic and Cholesterol -- Garlic Information Centre

Informational Sources

Government Sponsored Research

Comparing Effects of 3 Sources of Garlic on Cholesterol Levels

Medical Journal Article

Garlic for Treating Hypercholesterolemia (Annals of Internal Medicine)

Scientific Conference

International Garlic Symposium 5th - 7th October 1995, Free University of Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Sites Related to Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs)
and Health


Electromagnetic Radiation

TriField Meter

Persuasion / Information

EMF Guru

Wave-Guide: EMF-RFR Bioeffects and Public Policy

American Physical Society - Powerline Fields (Background paper)

EMR Network

Information on EMF Effects

Power Lines and Cancer: Nothing to Fear

Again With the EMF-Brain Cancer?

Do Electromagnetic Fields Cause Cancer?

California EMF Program

Magnetic Field Exposure Associated with Childhood Leukemia (Hospital for Sick Children)
Questions and answers about electric and magnetic fields...

NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) EMF Homepage

EMFRAPID - Electric and Magnetic Fields Research (U.S. National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences)

International EMF Project (World Health Organization)

Literature Resources for Understanding the Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Fields

Powerlines and Cancer FAQs: Introduction

Urine Therapy

P Helps

Urine Therapy (Ahmen Heaven),REF=

Urine Therapy (Heartland Healing Center)

Urotherapy for Patients with Cancer

Auto Urine Therapy

Urine Thearapy (Biomedx)

Urine Therapy (Shirley's Wellness Cafe)

Your Own Perfect Medicine (Martha Christy)


Water of Life

Journalist's report from the 2nd World Conference on Urine Therapy

Urine Therapy (HealthPlus Web)

Healing Yourself Using Urine

Urine Therapy (Skeptic's Dictionary)
Reader Comments

Urine Therapy (Health Psychology Vanderbilt Univ.)

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