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Searching the WWW:
Tutorials, Techniques, Tips

Selected Internet Search Engines and Directories

Search Tools Summary and Comparison (Karen Blakeman)

Search the Web More Efficently

Finding Information on the Internet: A Tutorial

Searching the Internet: Recommended Sites and Search Techniques (Laura Cohen, University of Albany)
Other Search Tutorials (Laura Cohen, University of Albany)

Web Search Guide (Gwen Harris)

Google Guide (Nancy Blachman)

Pandia Goalgetter - Internet Search Tutorial

Bare Bones 101: Basic Tutorial on Searching the Web (Ellen Chamberlain)

Intute Virtual Training Suite

Guide to Effective Searching of the Internet

Searching the World Wide Web: A Basic Tutorial (Tilburg University library)

The Spider's Apprectice--How to Use Web Search Engines

Search Engine Strategy and Syntax

NoodleTools (Debbie Abilock)

Keeping Up-To-date

Search Engine Showdown (Greg Notess)

Search Engine Watch

Internet Research News (Tara Calishain)

ResourceShelf (Gary Price) Guide to Web Search

Pandia Search World

Search Engine News (Search Engine Guide)

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